Diet shouldn't be about deprivation… At Positively Nourished, it’s all about the good stuff! Nicole Larizza, MS, is a clinical nutritionist and founder of Positively Nourished, LLC.  Her practice and protocols are built upon a concept of positive nutrition, which focuses on inclusion of wholesome nutrient-rich foods rather than exclusion of unhealthy or taboo foods or food groups.  

Nicole is also the founder of Nourish Our Girls, a campaign to raise awareness about food choices made by young girls that may reduce their risk of breast cancer as an adult.  Please visit our website for more information about this exciting campaign, recently featured on News 12 Connecticut's "12 on Health with Gillian Neff."  Also be sure to LIKE Nourish Our Girls on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest and Instagram!

Nicole is currently available for individualized nutrition counseling, as well as lectures and community education events. Please contact her for further information about services and fees.